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Cytokines & Cells Online Pathfinder Encyclopaedia

Version 57.2 (Summer 2022 Edition)

57 214 entries/pages | 132 308 cited references | 2 636 569 internal hyperlinked cross-references

Extensive integrated subdictionaries on Angiogenesis | Antimicrobial peptides | Apoptosis | CD Antigens | Cell lines | Chemokines | Cryptides | Eukaryotic cell types | Chemokines | CytokineTopics | Cytokine Concentrations in Body Fluids | Cytokines Interspecies Reactivities | Dual identity proteins | Hematology | Hormones | Innate Immunity Defense Proteins | Neuropeptides | Metalloproteinases | Modulins | Pattern Recognition Receptors | Protein domains | Regulatory peptide factors | Virokines | Viroceptors | Virulence Factors

Middle Ages and Black Death was bad: People behaved stupidly. They did not know better without science and medicine.
We do know better now and have science, medicine and vaccines. Callous, antisocial, egocentric, destructive, egocentric and brainless Antivaxxers and mask dodgers have driven and worsened the COVID pandemic, contributing heavily to the collapse of general health care for everyone and inflicting greatest damage on society and economies. Avoid Antivaxxer-Covidiots like the plague, which they are! I thank everyone who takes forceful countermeasures against the current pandemic of stupidity. 'No Vaccination - No Entry' and 'No Jab - No Job' is the least one can do.

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